Public Voice Salon
An open dialogue on education, the arts and social change.

About Us

As a language scholar with a Masters degree from NYU’s groundbreaking program in English Education, rather than a “media personality,” I have both a personal and a professional interest in nurturing the art of conversation, the ancient practice of story telling, and a love of literature and the various arts.  By mingling social concerns with talk of art, we hope to enrich the civic imagination.

My co-producer also happens to be my wife, Claudia, a scientist who hails from Bogota, Colombia. So we don’t need bureaucratic meetings, or memos going back and forth (think Faye Dunaway in Network) to decide our show’s policy.  Just a simple conversation over breakfast!  Because Claudia and I are both spiritual people, our show reflects our desire for a more just, loving and peaceful world.  

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