TV for a Better World A Dialogue on Education, Culture & Ideas

  • Nominated for the 2020 Yidan Prize, the
    equivalent of a Nobel Prize in education.

TV for a Better World A Dialogue on Education, Culture & Ideas

  • Nominated for the 2020 Yidan Prize, the
    equivalent of a Nobel Prize in education.

TV For a Better World An open dialogue on education, the arts, and social change.                                        

  • Nominated for the 2020 Yidan Prize, the
    equivalent of a Nobel Prize in education.

Dr. Patarroyo and PVS

Reimagining the Talk Show      as an Educational Space

To maximize the power of education to make the world a better place, teachers need a media platform of their own.  Unlike talk shows which privilige the "celebrity," we give the public microphone to educators, artists, intellectuals, scientists, psychotherapists, progressive business leaders, and ministers: whose work truly enriches humanity.  We spotlight people who should be more famous, like Colombian scientist Dr. Manuel Elkin Pattaroyo (pictured here between producers John and Claudia), internationally revered for inventing the first synthetic vaccine to defeat Malaria.  This show was filmed in his Bogotá laboratory, high up in the Andes mountains, with a camera assist by Claudia's neice Laura: in the yellow dress. 

Born Out of Love

Our show debuted in 2010, a creation of the recently married husband and wife team of John Bredin and Claudia Canasto.   He's an educator.  She's a scientist.  They met on a bench in Central a scene from a Broadway musical!....and fell in love.   One day John approached Claudia with his dream of creating the world's first talk show about education.   Claudia, who believes in John's biggest dreams, said Yes!   Their quest is to show how education can nurture a more just, peaceful, and loving world.   Public Voice Salon is a unique fusion between a university and a talk show.  A brand new institution dedicated to keeping humanistic learning alive to avoid a new, digital Dark Age.

An On-Air Dialogic Classroom

Unlike the fast-talking punditry that defines today's "breaking news" media,  we prefer dialogue that's slower, richer, and more Socratic.  Because our show's host is a professor of literature and writing (BA English, Fordham; MA English Ed, NYU), we celebrate the joy, wonder, and possibilties of verbal discourse.   We talk about the burning issues of the day, but from a more cultural perspective--blending insights from literature, philosophy, history, spirituality, and the various arts.  We want to make learning fun again.  Our ethos is a "meaning making" approach to communication, using language to make better sense of our personal experiences and the world around us.  We also encourage storytelling, because stories too are a form of knowledge.

Rediscovering the Joys of Salon

We love the "Salon" format of learning.  It's more relaxed, social, and humane than the competitive talking points of mainstream media.  We film salons in living rooms, bookstores, and art galleries: an updated version of the classic "salons of yore" made famous by Gertrude Stein in Paris.  John and Claudia were also inspired by attending noted education philsopher Maxine Greene's Salons in her Manhattan apt.  In an age of increasing loneliness and social media induced alienation, we believe Salons are a great way to weave the community back together.  In addition to Salons, we also film intellectual roundtables, one-on-one dialogues, and occasional town hall meetings.  

Notable Guests

Our show has featured many prominent figures in education, culture, and the arts. They include:

  • David Amram - Composer, Conductor, Beat Historian
  • Kurt Anderson - Author, Cultural Commentator
  • Stanley Aronowitz - Public Intellectual, Educator, Union Activist
  • Thomas Bender - Intellectual Historian, NYU
  • Rev. Joe Ben-David - Founder Church of Humanism
  • Keen Berger - Psychologist, Educator, Greenwich Village Activist
  • Jean Louis Bourgeois - Author, Poet, Relaxivist
  • Robert Cenedella - Artist, Educator, Movie "The Art Bastard"
  • David Cogswell - Author of Books on Chomsky, Zinn; Travel Writer
  • Harold Channer - Manhattan Talk Show Host
  • Pat Cooper - Comedian, Actor
  • Frank Craven - Actor, TV Producer
  • Jim Drougas - Unoppressive, Non-imperialist Books NYC
  • Craig Dudley - Actor, Filmmaker
  • Richard Dreyfuss - Actor, Leader of Civics Project
  • Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth - Educator, Bilingual Scholar
  • Debbie Joffie-Ellis - Psychologist, Educator, Married to Albert Ellis
  • Jim Fouratt - Writer, Activist, Gay Rights Pioneer
  • Harried Fraad - Psychoterapist and Activist
  • Joe Franklin - TV Talk Show Founder, King of Nostalgia
  • Todd Gitlin - Public Intellectual, Educator, 1960s Icon
  • Dolly Hall - Indie Film Producer
  • Alex Harsley - Photographer, East Village Gallery Owner
  • Judi Harvest - International Artist, Chelsea Gallery NYC
  • Molly Haskell - Feminist Film Critic
  • Foster Hirsch - Film Historian and Educator
  • Frances Fox Piven - Sociologist, Professor, Intellectual
  • Dr. Henry Kellerman - Psychotherapist, Author
  • David Kirkland - Educator, Public Intellectual
  • Edith Kurzweil - "Partisan Review" Editor, Intellectual
  • Dodge Landesmann - Education Activist, Traveller
  • Paul Langland - Postmondern Dancer, Educator
  • Chris Lehman - "The Baffler" Editor
  • Evander Lomke - American Mental Health Foundation
  • Jonas Mekas - Godfather of American Avant-Garde Cinema
  • Fernando Naiditch - Progressive Educator, Montclair State U.
  • Carmen & Cornel Russu - Symposia Bookstore, Hoboken
  • Danny Schecter - Pioneering Indie Journalist
  • Arthur Schwartz - Noted Union Lawyer, Activist, WBAI Radio Show Host
  • James Shapiro - Shakespeare Scholar, Columbia U.
  • Ira Shor - Education Scholar, Professor
  • John Strasberg - Actor, Teacher, Son of Lee Strasberg
  • Rick Ulfik - Composer, Director of We, The World
  • Ralph White - Founder of NY Open Center, Author, Noted Holistic Educator
  • Richard D. Wolff - Marxian Economist, Prof. New School
  • Sharon Woolums - Artist, Writer, Community Activist
  • Phyllis Yampolsky - Seminal 1960s Participatory Artist; Creator of Judson Hall of Issues
  • Stephen Eric Bronner - Noted Political Philsopher, US Academics for Peace, Prof. Rutgers
  • Nell Noddings - Education Philosopher; Theory of Care
  • Philip Lopate - Essayist, Novelist, Educator
  • Thaddeus Rutkowkski - Author, Educator
  • Frances Goldin - Literary Agent, Activist
  • Bertell Ollman - Marxist Dialectician, Prof. NYU
  • Harold Bloom - Notable Literary Critic, Prof. Yale
  • Vivian Gornick - Memoirist & Feminist
  • Diane Ravitch - Notable Education Historian, Research Professor at NYU


"John is the best interviewer I have worked with."

Thomas Bender

Intellectual Historian, NYU

“I like your show, style, and personality.  It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by YOU!”

Joe Franklin

Creator of the TV talk show

"The work of Bredin and Canasto is an enduring archive of the world’s greatest living thinkers."

Diane Ravitch

Education Historian and Activist

"Keep the conversation going!"

Bill Moyers

Iconic PBS Journalist

"John and Claudia have the courage to support true justice and freedom for all."

John Johnson

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, ABC News

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