Making Good Ideas Come Alive

We are a simple show, not "highfalutin," with a minium of bells and whistles.  The core of our mission is to make humanistic ideas come alive for the broader public.  We place human dialogue at the center of our work, in the same way Martin Buber (the great philsopher and theologian) believed in the sacredness of the "I-Thou" encounter.  Which doesn't mean we don't like to have fun and enjoy a few laughs!  We believe intellectual discourse can also be engaging...and even entertaining.  Host John Bredin, an educator who hails from a show busines family, has just the right knack for this.  His wife and co-producer Claudia Canasto, a Colombian born scientist who is also deeply spiritual, is the perfect counterpart to this unique, "multicultural couple" TV show.  

Stemming the Tide of Ignorance

Public Voice Salon is situated at a vital intersection in the history of two fields: media and education.  Having studied Broadcasting in 1984, and education a decade later at NYU, host John Bredin is uniquely qualified for this mission; together with his scientist partner Claudia Canasto.  The goal of our show is to mitigate the "dumbing down" effect in society pointed out by many social scientists.   Antecedents to our work include shows by David Susskind, Richard Heffner, Bill Moyers,  and the original "Tonght Show" host Steven Allen who, in 1989, wrote a book called "Dumbth: the Lost Art of Thinking."  Both entertaining and  intellectual, we're a Socratic seminar ready for prime time.



Our Story

Run by a Husband-and-Wife Team

Many people ask John and Claudia, often with a tone of astonishment: Where do you find your amazing guests?

The answer is simple: they live their lives.  Currently residing in the NYC metro area, rich with diverse cultural opportunities, they attend a variety of lectures, films, plays and art openings.  If a person or work captures their interest, they may discuss it over breakfast the next day: "Should we do a show on this?"

While John's background knowledge is from education and the humanities, Claudia brings expertise in science.  He's a gringo from New Jersey and she's a latina from Colombia.  Together, their path is spiritual: use media to educate for a more just, loving, and peaceful world. 

There is a humane, loving spirit that infuses their work--untainted as it is by a sterile media bureacracy.

Show Business Roots

In his new book "Blanche Walsh and Me: a Memoir of Broadway and Hollywood Royalty," host John Bredin explains his a biographical link to Blanche Walsh, a great forgotten actress.  Walsh played a key role in elevating Hollywood to a serious art form, and helped create the idea of a movie star.  A former queen of Broadway, she was also the original advocate of an American National Theater (created with her friend Mark Twain) so regular folks could view serious plays at a low cost. 

Public Voice Salon continues this spirit to educate and uplift average citizens: via television and You Tube.

In 2014, John and Claudia befriended the legendary Joe Franklin.  Joe created the TV talk show in 1950, and was the first to feature such iconic stars as Al Pacino, Barbara Streisand, and Elvis Presley on TV.  Joe's approbation strenghthend John and Claudia's own mission to reimagine the talk show as a space for cultural dialogue.


The Humanities: as Seen on TV

In the 1960s, a time of great hopes for a better world, one in five college students studied the humanities.  That number is now one in twenty.  The most popular major today is business.

We believe the humanities (literature, philosophy, history) matter more today than ever.  In addition to science, we also need a rich humanistic curriculum that nurtures imagination, empathy, and critical thinking. And helps people communicate in a more precise and interesting way.  

Our TV show welcomes intellectuls to show the world why their work matters.  Google our video archives to find past shows with literary critic Harold Bloom, intellectual historian Thomas Bender, memoirist and feminist Vivian Gornick, film critic Molly Haskell, Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro, and more. 

A Groundbreaking Educative Media to Change the World

As I write this, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak its havoc.  Never before has our human vulnerablity been so obvious, nor our need to cooperate on an international level.

One potential "silver lining" in the dark cloud of this crisis may be a rising planetary reslove to transform education so it nurtures a more just, loving, and peaceful world.  We want to help lead this effort. 

Our host John Bredin is not a "media personality," but a teacher, thinker, and writer whose 15 books include "Teacher as Liberator."  His essays have appeared in New York Press, Brooklyn Rail, and Huffington Post.  

With his loving wife Claudia Canasto, their goal is to search the world for the best minds who need to be heard--now more than ever--to change the world.

Watch and Learn

We urge you to browse through our YouTube “curriculum” to see which topics or guests spark your intellectual curiosity. Watch our show alone or with others, including your students if you’re a teacher. Afterward, you can have a dialogue about what you learned.

The showrunners of Public Voice Salon are always open to your feedback, so send us an email and let us know what you think!