A Nonprofit TV Show That Encourages an Open Dialog

Welcome to the Public Voice Salon! Here, you’ll be able to openly discuss education, the arts, and social change—not necessarily in that order. Many of our shows are on YouTube, where they collectively function as a sort of free, humanistic university for the masses.

Stemming the Tide of Ignorance

Published in 1989, the book “Dumbth” by Steve Allen discussed the dumbing down of American society. As a way to ameliorate this process, which weakens democracy by turning voters into gullible sheep, we decided to create Public Voice Salon.

Our show combines the elements of a more traditional, entertaining talk show with substantive and intellectually stimulating talking points. The result is a Socratic seminar that’s ready for primetime.

Our Story

Run by a Husband-and-Wife Team

Public Voice Salon was created in 2010 by John Bredin, Jr., a self-described “English Professor in TV-Land.” Look at him as more of a “teacher-with-a-talk-show” rather than a generic media personality. With the help of his darling wife and co-producer, Claudia Canasto—a microbiologist from Bogota, Columbia—the show has grown by leaps and bounds.

Since the program’s inception, we have featured citizen roundtable discussions in a community bookstore, spontaneous sidewalk encounters, and dialogues with the world’s most unique and original artists and thinkers.

Show Business Roots

At Public Voice Salon, we have a great love of stories. An important part of our founder’s story concerns one of America’s great forgotten actresses, Blanche Walsh. According to John, Blanche was his grandmother’s dear “second mother,” meaning he comes from an old showbiz family.

Blanche not only played a key role in creating Hollywood, but she also campaigned for an American National Theater to educate and uplift the masses, which was precisely the goal of our show.

In 2014, our founder befriended the esteemed Joe Franklin. Joe invented the TV talk show in 1950, defying ABC, whose higher-ups thought the format was a bad idea. When Joe blessed us by praising our work on the air, it deepened our faith in our project. Today, we continue to reimagine and reform the talk show to serve as a critical space for education.

Discourses on the Morality of Learning

Our conversations typically involve the desire for a more just, loving, and peaceful world. In line with this, we believe that the goal of education shouldn’t be limited to producing worker-technicians for the global economy. Instead, it should also nurture civic imagination and empathy for others—capacities best learned via the liberal arts, such as literature, philosophy, history, and so on.

Help Us Change the World, One Show at a Time

Our company is based in Hoboken, NJ. Each episode of our show premieres on public access cable in Manhattan, NY. Currently, we are working on expanding our broadcast market.

Because we’re running a nonprofit show, your financial contributions are crucial to helping us achieve our vital educational goal. We believe that with enough support, we’ll be able to help make the world a better place.

Watch and Learn

We urge you to browse through our YouTube “curriculum” to see which topics or guests spark your intellectual curiosity. Watch our show alone or with others, including your students if you’re a teacher. Afterward, you can have a dialogue about what you learned.

The showrunners of Public Voice Salon are always open to your feedback, so send us an email and let us know what you think!