Public Voice Salon
An open dialogue on education, the arts and social change.


Our quest is to reimagine the talk show as a more hopeful, ethical, intellectual, and even planet-saving enterprise.

As such, we like to feature the work of unique, substantive, progressive cultural figures and thinkers.  We also like to keep the discourse lively, engaging, and humorous at times: to reach a broader audience.

Can a talk show actually build community?  We like to think so. In our 170 episodes (so far) we have referenced  the work of Robert Putnam (Bowling Alone) and David Brooks' ideas on the value of community.

Born out of love, our show emerged when I approached my wife Claudia with the idea of it in 2010... and she said YES!  So yes is still the answer. 

Animating our show's philosophy is the work of two great thinkers, John Dewey, who believed education should strengthen democracy, and Maxine Greene, who linked art to human empathy and civic imagination.

A fusion between a university and talk show, we’re a new kind of institution to keep alive humanistic learning and avoid a new (digital) dark age.  

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